Are Sewer Lines Really Covered By Homeowners Insurance?

A homeowners insurance policy is vital to protect your priciest asset (your home). While the policy pays for the damage or repair to your home’s structure and belongings caused by covered perils, not all structures of your home are covered, as there could be some coverage exclusions. For example, on most occasions, standard homeowners insurance doesn’t cover sewer lines.
Are you wondering when it does cover, then? Let’s discuss.

When Does a Homeowners Policy Cover Sewer Lines?

A standard homeowners policy does not cover sewer lines under or outside your home and water damage to your home and belongings caused by a sewer line overflow or backup. Nevertheless, it may cover damages to your:

  • Sewer line caused by a named peril (including explosion, fire, wind, hail, etc.)
  • Property and possessions caused by a malfunctioning or broken sewer line

However, if you want comprehensive coverage for your sewer lines, you can buy endorsements at an additional cost. These endorsements are optional, and you can buy them if your residence is prone to freezing temperatures, flooding, clogged drains, and falling tree roots, as they can cause sewer line damages, which could damage your home and belongings too.

Coverage Options for Sewer Lines

You have different coverage options to protect your sewer lines, including:

Service Line Endorsement

You can customize your homeowners insurance policy with a service line endorsement, which usually covers damages and repairs to your sewer lines caused by:

  • Normal wear and tear
  • Tree roots
  • Mechanical or electrical breakdown
  • Collapse
  • Pressure from the vehicle and heavy equipment
  • Pests (rodents, insects, vermin, etc.)
  • Freezing temperatures
  • Rust, corrosion, deterioration, or decay

Sewer Backup Coverage

It is also an additional endorsement. While it does not cover damage to your sewer lines, it pays to repair or replace things like drywall, furnishings, and flooring if they are damaged by water that overflows or backs up from a sewer line or sump.

A Home Warranty

A home warranty is not insurance. It is similar to a service contract that may cover some repairs for your home. Check to see if your home warranty offers coverage for your sewer line repairs and replacements. If it does, you can use it rather than buying endorsements.

Is Sewer Backup Coverage Mandatory?

It is neither mandatory nor required by law. However, without sewer line endorsement, you will have to pay for the damages or repairs out of pocket.

Does Service Line Endorsement Cover Sewer Backups?

A service line endorsement usually covers the damages to your sewer lines caused by named perils, not damages to your home or belongings caused by sewer backups. If you want to stay protected against damages caused by sewer backups, you will have to buy sewer backup coverage.

Depending on your risk exposures and where you live, you can decide whether or not you require an additional endorsement for sewer lines and repairs. Also, thoroughly study your home insurance policy to understand what it covers and what it does not and act accordingly.

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