Business Crime Prevention Tips During the Coronavirus Outbreak

Protect your commercial property throughout COVID-19.

In the wake of the global coronavirus pandemic, many businesses have shut down temporarily or are functioning remotely. This has led to deserted streets in most parts of the world, which makes it easier for burglars and thieves to do their work.

While it is important to stay at home to stay safe, it is equally essential to be vigilant and keep your office premises safe. Here are some business crime prevention tips to help you.

Crime Prevention for Business Premises

Check Safety Alarms

Safety alarms are essential to keep your business premises safe. If you have an existing alarm system in place, check that the alarm is set, and the alarm company has the correct information to contact you in case of any breach.

Install Cameras

Installing video cameras in your business premises is a great idea. It helps you keep an eye on your business establishment remotely, while also providing proof in case there’s a break-in.

Be Smart

    • Keep a light bulb on so that thieves can’t take cover in the dark. You may need to replace non-functioning bulbs for proper lighting and address the dark areas so your cameras can capture everything accurately.
    • Consider installing motion-activated lights and cameras for maximum security.
    • If you have high-value items in the display, move them inside. You may also use window screens to limit visibility.
    • Be careful with the foliage around your premises. It is wise to trim the plants and remove any rocks that may be used to break open the windows.

Final Take

Crime prevention in business premises may require hiring private security. In the meantime, stay vigilant.

For added safety, ensure you have the right business insurance coverage in place. Contact Duane Weber Insurance, Inc. in Kent, Washington for all your business insurance needs today.