6 Things You Need to Consider When Buying a Pet Insurance

Visits to the veterinarian can be expensive. Saving for routine visits such as wellness checks and vaccines is possible, but what happens if your pet needs emergency care? Most vets require you to have payment upfront, or they won’t even look at your little one. One emergency visit can run into hundreds of dollars. The best way to prepare for regular visits and emergencies without risking financial hardship is to invest in pet insurance.

Here are the 6 things that you need to consider when buying pet insurance.

1. What Are Your Copayments?

Each insurance has a certain copayment amount that is required. How much will you be required to pay out-of-pocket for each visit? Check into whether this amount changes depending upon whether the visit is a routine one or an emergency. Don’t forget to find out if the amount differs for testing.

2. What Portion of the Bill Will the Insurance Pay?

Pet insurance rarely covers the entire cost of a visit. Find out what percentage of the entire cost is covered. Often you can find insurance that will cover up to eighty percent of most visits, and some even offer a certain number of routine visits as part of the yearly plan.

3.How Much Do the Premiums Increase Over Time?

Will the cost of your insurance go up if your pet has had an emergency? More importantly, what is the difference in cost if they are diagnosed with a chronic medical condition? Almost all policies will show increased premiums as your pet ages. Find out in advance how much that increase will be.

4. Will the Vet Accept This Insurance?

If you have a regular vet that you prefer, make sure they accept the kind of insurance you are considering. Just like human health insurance, not all vets accept every insurance. You might also want to consider how the insurance claims are handled if you need to see a vet while traveling. Are there limits in this case, and if so, what are they?

5. What Are the Limitations?

All insurances have limitations to what they will cover. Make sure you read the fine print to get an idea of what types of conditions or procedures are not covered by the insurance. Will the insurance only cover traditional procedures or will it also cover alternative procedures such as acupressure?

6. How Much Insurance Do You Need?

Some insurance is meant only to handle emergencies, while others cover regular wellness checks. The most comprehensive policies include both. Sit down and evaluate what you need before signing a policy. You may find that covering routine visits yourself and only getting emergency insurance can save you money. However, if your pet is still young, those routine visits may add up to more than the cost of the premium.

Many people are surprised at how affordable pet insurance is. It is priceless, however, when it offers you the chance to see that your pet has its medical needs met. Make sure to give your pets the love and care they need with pet insurance. Duane Weber Insurance, Inc. can help you find the perfect policy! Located in Kent, Washington, we serve all your insurance needs in the community. Contact us for more information.