Help Your Employees Weather Winter Temperatures with These Safety Tips

Keep your employees warm throughout the winter with these tips.

It’s important that you take good care of your employees. That way you can keep them healthy and productive. Plus, you can avoid serious workplace injuries. While it’s important to invest in workers’ compensation insurance, it’s also a good idea to take the necessary safety precautions. Keep your employees warm this winter with these tips. Here’s what you need to know.

Encourage Employees to Dress Warmly.

Layers are key when it comes to dressing for winter weather. When working, however, the body generates heat, and your employees may be less apt to dress warmly. Ensure that employees stay warm by dressing appropriately for the weather. Wear multiple layers from head to toe so that you can keep your whole body warm. Don’t forget a hat and gloves as well.

Stay Hydrated.

Just because it is cold out doesn’t mean that your employees don’t need to drink water. It’s imperative that whenever your employees engage in strenuous activity that they’re staying well-hydrated. Ensure that they take regular water breaks to keep from getting dehydrated.

Stay Dry.

When working in the cold, wet weather, it’s imperative that you stay warm and dry. If your employees get wet, ensure that they get to a dry place to get warm to avoid any serious health issues.

Watch Out for Signs of Hypothermia.

Perhaps one of the more serious health concerns to look out for in the cold is hypothermia. When workers are working out in the cold, be mindful of freezing temperatures. Look for signs of pale, cool skin, uncontrollable shivering, and confusion. With hypothermia, the body temperature drops and patients need medical attention. Get a person suffering from hypothermia to a warm, dry place and call emergency services as soon as possible for medical attention.

Keep your employees safe and warm all winter long with these tips. Protect your employees from workplace injuries with the right workers’ compensation insurance. Duane Weber Insurance, Inc. can help you find the perfect policy! Located in Kent, Washington, we serve all your insurance needs in the community. Contact us for more information.

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