How Practising Gratitude Will Benefit You

Chances are you have had at least one person talk to you about the need to practice gratitude. There are numerous journals created for the express purpose of writing down a daily gratitude list, and social media outlets have at least one gratitude list going at any given time. So, what exactly is gratitude and how can you benefit from practicing it?

What Is Gratitude?

Gratitude, simply put, is focusing on what is good in your life. Rarely is gratitude focused on yourself. For example, you can be grateful for your health, but it is more beneficial to be thankful that your family is safe and happy.

Let’s take a look at the benefits of practicing gratitude on a regular, daily basis.

1.Increases Happiness

Gratitude requires the use of positive words. For each positive thought that enters your mind, a negative thought is removed. This allows neural pathways to be created that are more likely to connect with positive emotions. When you start to focus on the good around you, you notice the things that sadden you less.

2.Reduces Stress

Focusing on the negative things in life causes your mind and body to feel you are being attacked. This creates a situation where your fight, flight, or freeze instinct kicks in, similar to feelings created by stress. With your entire being on guard, waiting for the next bad thing, you can’t relax. Expressing gratitude allows your mind to see it doesn’t have to be in constant fear.

3.Health Improves

Stress affects your entire physical body. Muscles tense, your heart beats faster, you breathe in less oxygen, and all these things require your organs to work harder than they should. Practicing gratitude reduces stress, thus reducing the pressure on your physical body. You start seeing yourself in a more positive light, which encourages you to make healthy choices regarding eating and activity.

4.Strengthens Your Relationship

You can’t enjoy a healthy relationship when you are always focused on the negative. Besides, nobody wants to be around people who never show joy or express happiness. In a romantic relationship, especially, your partner may start to feel they are somehow responsible for your unhappiness. This is especially true when you always view their actions negatively, instead of being grateful for what they give to the relationship. The more you see the good in your partner, the healthier and more fulfilling your relationship will be.

5.Helps in Recovery

Addiction normally occurs when someone sets out to numb negative emotions. The deeper you fall into addiction, the more negative you become because your life starts to whirl out of control. Practicing gratitude, however, allows you to see the positive aspects of life. It allows you to focus on what recovery can do for you. As you gain confidence over time from being free of the chains of addiction, the positive becomes more apparent, and you begin to appreciate those positives more. You end up creating a positive circle where a negative one once existed.

Try and incorporate gratitude a few minutes each day and see how your life starts to become happier. For assistance with all your insurance needs, contact the experts at Duane Weber Insurance, Inc. in Kent, Washington, today.