Safety First: Check Out These Grilling Safe Tips For Barbecue Month

Check out these grilling safety tips!

May is Barbecue Month! As you get ready for summer, be sure that you’re prepared to start grilling. Ensure that you’re safe while cooking and check out these grilling safety tips!

Take It Outside.

Grilling indoors is dangerous. Not only is it a fire hazard, but barbecuing indoors can lead to carbon monoxide poisoning. Be sure to take the grill outside so that there’s plenty of fresh air.

Steer Clear Of Kids & Pets.

Curious little hands and paws can get into trouble when it comes to the barbecue. Make sure to keep your kids and pets away from the grill.

Ten Foot Rule.

Grilling too close to the house is a fire hazard. Make sure to keep the barbecue at least ten feet away from the structure of your house. Also, be sure to keep it away from shrubberies, low hanging branches, and anything else that may be flammable.

Keep A Watchful Eye.

Never leave the barbecue unattended. It only takes seconds for your food to burst into flames. When you watch it carefully, you’re better able to respond to dangerous situations.

Leave The Lid Open.

If You have a gas barbecue, it’s important to keep the lid open once your turn off the gas until you light the grill. When the lid is closed, gas builds up and is highly flammable, so when you go to light the barbecue you could find yourself in the midst of a small explosion.

Clean The Grill.

Make sure to clean the grill before and after you use it. As you cook grease and fat build up which has the potential to start a grease fire. Keeping it clean helps reduce your risk.

Keep A Fire Extinguisher Handy.

Be sure to have a fire extinguisher nearby. You never know when you might need one. Know how to use it and always be sure to call the fire department in the event of a fire.

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