Check Out How to Keep Your Child Healthy with These Halloween Candy Tips

Learn how to keep your kids healthy for Halloween and beyond.

Halloween is here. As you get your kids ready for a night full of trick-or-treating, remember to keep your kids safe and healthy. Use your best judgment to keep your children safe both before and after trick-or-treating. Practice Halloween safety, and check out these tips to help you manage your child’s candy intake.

A Little Goes a Long Way.

Halloween candy is delicious. However, these sweet treats are full of sugar and fat that can lead to serious health consequences if not eaten in moderation. Before your kids dig into their candy, set some ground rules. It’s unrealistic to eliminate all your child’s Halloween candy. In fact, depriving your kids of Halloween candy can make them crave it more, leading to binge eating later on. Let your kids have some Halloween candy every so often so that they can enjoy in moderation.

Portion Control.

When it comes to letting your kids munch on their Halloween candy, be mindful of what they’re eating. Young children have smaller tummies, alter the portion size to mirror an appropriate serving size for your child. Ensure that their candy intake is less than 100 calories.

Non-Sugary Halloween Goodies.

Not all Halloween goodies have to be candy. Mix up your trick-or-treating selections with a variety of toys. Stock up on spooky temporary tattoos, spider rings, stickers, glow sticks, and bouncy balls. That way your kids have a healthy alternative to sugary candies.

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