Prevent Burglaries When You’re Out of Town With These Home Safety Tips

Keep your home safe while you’re on vacation with these anti-burglary tips!

Summer is here! Whether it’s a trip to the lake or a trip around the world, it’s the perfect time for a vacation. As you get ready to travel the world, ensure that your home is also protected. Check out these anti-burglary tips to keep your home safe while you’re away.

Lock Up.

Everyone closes and locks all doors before they leave for a trip. However, it doesn’t hurt to double check. Ensure that all the doors are locked windows are closed, and kitchen appliances are off. For added safety, secure sliding glass doors with a wooden rod to prevent anyone from opening the door.

Invest in a Security System.

A security system can be your best defense against burglars while you’re away since it can notify the security company of suspicious behavior. However, these systems can be expensive. You can still deter burglars by putting up a security system sticker. There’s a 50 percent chance that the system is real, so most burglars won’t want to take that chance.

Keep Your Neighbors in the Loop.

Tell your neighbors that you’ll be out of town. They’ll be able to stay on top of your property and notify the authorities if anything suspicious happens. Plus, it doesn’t hurt to leave a few emergency numbers with them in case they need to get a hold of you.

Manage Your Mail.

When you’re out of town, your mail piles up. Prevent burglars from knowing that you’re out of town, and have a friend pick up your mail. If you’re going out of town for more than a few days, however, consider putting a hold on your mail until you return.

Avoid Social Media.

Announcing your travel plans on the internet is a no-no. It indicates to burglars that you’re not home. Rather, hold off until you return to post your pictures.

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