Find Out Which Kinds of Disasters Your Homeowners Insurance Protects You From

Learn how your homeowners insurance protects your home from disaster.

Your homeowners insurance offers the protection that you need to keep your home secure in the event of a disaster. It supplies the necessary financial resources to rebuild and repair the structure of your home and replace lost personal possessions after a disaster. However, it’s important to keep in mind that your insurance coverage only gives you coverage for certain disasters. Find out what you need to know about your insurance coverage so that you can rest easy knowing that you’re protected.

What’s Covered.

Under your homeowners insurance policy you’re given a wide range of coverage for things such as thunderstorms, house fires, and theft. Your policy gives you a broad range of coverage for a variety of different incidents that could cause serious damage to your home. When choosing a policy, ensure that you review which covered perils are included under your policy so that there aren’t any coverage surprises down the line.

What’s Not Covered.

It’s important to bear in mind that your homeowners insurance policy has limitations. It won’t necessarily protect you from any and all threats to your home. For example, certain natural disasters like earthquakes or flooding aren’t covered under a standard homeowners insurance policy. Additionally, damage due to a lack of home maintenance may also be excluded from your homeowners insurance coverage. Review your policy to see which sorts of perils are excluded so that you can take the appropriate action to invest in supplemental coverage.

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