How to Stay Positive During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Supporting your mental health throughout the pandemic.

The coronavirus pandemic has put most parts of the world under lockdown – with social distancing being the most effective formula for flattening the curve. However, humans are social by nature, and being locked-up inside your house can impact your mental health, and that of your children, primarily due to lack of routine and social interactions.

While it is essential that you stay home to stay safe, here are some mental health tips that will help you deal with the situation better:

    • Social distancing does not mean emotional distancing. Make use of technology to reconnect with your family and friends and stay in touch.
    • Setting a routine for yourself and your children is vital for your mental health. A daily schedule gives you a sense of purpose and also helps you get more out of your day.
    • Go for outdoor hikes if they are allowed in your area or switch to indoor workouts to elevate your mood.
    • Keep your mind engaged by learning new hobbies or reading books. You can also set a lesson routine for your child so that their education is not impacted.
    • Limit your screen time. This is probably one of the least discussed mental health tips but extremely important. Instead of watching a TV series or the news all day long, slot in small windows of time for watching the television or browsing the internet.
    • Guided meditation, deep breathing, and other relaxation techniques can calm your mind. Also, try to clock in over seven hours of sleep for better health.

Remember, things will improve soon. Apart from the above social distancing mental health tips, make sure you have the right insurance protection in place. Contact Duane Weber Insurance, Inc. for all your insurance coverage needs.