Safe Driving Tips for Teens

Parents, here are some of the safety tips you should pass onto your teen drivers.

As a parent, the idea of your child facing the dangers of the open road is a terrifying one. However, you cannot always be there to protect them and hold their hands. That being said, there are some things you can do to ensure that your teen is practicing safe driving behaviors. Here are some things you should teach your teen early on that will improve their safety as they drive.

  • Put Your Phone Away

One of the things you should teach your teen to do is silence their phone and keep it out of sight when they are driving. This will ensure that they are not distracted by incoming texts, calls, and other notifications. This will significantly reduce their chances of getting into an auto accident.

  • Keep Your Radio Turned Down

While your teen might like to blast their music at home, they need to keep the volume at a more moderate level when they are driving. Your teen should keep their volume low enough so they can still hear the sounds of traffic. This ensures that they will not miss a warning honk or the sounds of an oncoming siren.

  • Pull Over if Distracted

Finally, emphasize the importance of staying focused while on the road. Because teens are inexperienced behind the wheel, it’s even more important that they are completely focused on the task of driving. Remind your teen that if they are sleepy, emotional, or otherwise distracted, they should pull over until they are able to safely operate their vehicle.

These are some of the safe driving suggestions you should pass onto your teen. Want another way to keep your teen safe every time they get behind the wheel of a car? Make sure that you have the proper auto insurance protection in place. For assistance with all your car coverage needs, contact the experts at Duane Weber Insurance. Inc. in Kent, Washington for assistance today.

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