Stay Safe When Connecting to Free Wi-Fi Networks

Protect yourself when using public Wi-Fi networks.

Nowadays, it seems like every restaurant, retailer, and business is offering its customers free Wi-Fi.  While these networks are convenient, connecting to them does expose you to certain risks.  To protect yourself and your sensitive data, here are some of the precautions that you should take.

  • Know the Network

Savvy hackers attempt to fool their victims by setting up fake Wi-Fi hotspots with names similar to the real ones.  To ensure that you do not fall for this trick, make sure you examine the network and verify its legitimacy before connecting to it.  If you are not sure what the network’s official name is, check with an employee at the location.

  • Moderate Your Actions While on Public Wi-Fi

When you are using public Wi-Fi networks, scrolling through social media and watching YouTube videos is pretty harmless.  However, you should not do more intensive things like insert payment information, access password-protected accounts, or do anything that involves your sensitive data.  These online activities should be saved for when you are at home and can use your own private, protected network.

  • Activate Two-Factor Authentication

Many websites now offer users the option to take extra security steps to prove their identity before accessing the site or the user’s personal account.  For instance, before accessing your Facebook account, the site will ask for your password before emailing or texting you an additional code that you need to enter before allowing you to log in.  While activating this extra step takes more time, the extra security is worth it in the end.

These are some of the things that you should do to protect yourself while using public Wi-Fi networks.  Are you looking for another way to protect yourself?  Then make sure you have the right personal insurance in place.  For assistance with all your coverage needs, contact the experts at Duane Weber Insurance, Inc. in Kent, Washington today.