Impress Your Guests with These Thanksgiving Fun Facts!

Be ready for Thanksgiving with these fun facts!

Thanksgiving is here! It’s time to spend time with your loved ones and appreciate all your blessings. However, it’s also fun to learn a bit more about Thanksgiving. Brush up on your Thanksgiving knowledge! Impress your friends and family at the Thanksgiving table, and check out these fun facts.

  • Thanksgiving has a long American history, but it wasn’t a holiday until it was first declared a national holiday by Abraham Lincoln. However, the holiday wasn’t officially approved by Congress until the 1940s.
  • The United States isn’t the only country to have a Thanksgiving. Our northern neighbors also have a Thanksgiving holiday. Except instead of celebrating in November, the Canadians celebrate on the second Monday in October.
  • TV dinners have a deep rooted history in Thanksgiving. After overestimating how many turkeys would be needed for Thanksgiving in 1953, Swanson decided not to let the extra 26 tons of frozen turkey go to waste. Instead, they sliced the frozen meat and packaged it up, and the first TV dinners were born.
  • Your Thanksgiving isn’t complete without the mash potatoes, cranberry sauce, and the turkey. But what do you really know about turkeys? Our modern-day turkeys are named after a guinea fowl that had been brought to Europe by the Turks. Since the two birds were similar in taste, our modern-day turkeys were dubbed to be called turkeys.
  • Turkeys played a role in American history. While the national bird was ultimately decided to be an eagle, the turkey was in the running. Benjamin Franklin had advocated for the turkey as the national bird.

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