Tips to Help with Spring Cleaning

Try out these suggestions to get your home in order.

As temperatures start warming up, you might be thinking about starting your annual spring clean.  Ready to make your home feel light, clean, and refreshed this season?  Then try out these spring cleaning tips for your home.

  • Prep Your Home

If you are doing a deep clean, then you need to prepare your home first.  This means decluttering and organizing the various areas of your home.  Before you start your top-down clean, you should also move your larger pieces of furniture so you can get into hard to reach spots more easily.

  • Work in Stages

Trying to clean your entire house all at once will only cause you to rush and do a bad job.  This is why you should divide your house into various sections and try to tackle one of these sections a day.  While it may be annoying to stretch your spring cleaning out over several days, this is the best way to make sure that you are doing a thorough job.

  • Try to Keep Things Entertaining

Many people do not enjoy cleaning and find it tedious and boring.  If you are dreading your spring clean, then try to find ways to make it a little more entertaining for yourself.  Blasting your favorite music, listening to an audiobook, or keeping the TV turned on are all ways to pass the time a little easier.  If you have friends that owe you a favor, then consider asking them to help as well.  Having good company will make spring cleaning a little more bearable.

  • Start Small

Getting started on your home’s spring cleaning can seem daunting.  To make things less overwhelming, start on a small cleaning project.  Scrubbing down your microwave, dusting your bookshelf, or washing your bedding are all great ways to get you in the cleaning mood.

These are some of the tips that you should try to get your home clean this spring.  Want another way to take care of your home?  Then make sure you have the right homeowners insurance in place.  For assistance with all your home coverage needs, contact the experts at Duane Weber Insurance, Inc. in Kent, Washington, today.