3 Tips to Keep Your Business Clean and Safe During COVID- 19

Cleaning your business to keep it safe from COVID- 19 is the first thing you should do before you reopen. This will protect you, your employees, and your customers from the infection.

Here are some tips that will help you keep your business clean and sanitized during COVID- 19:

1. Wash Hands

Ask your employees to wash their hands thoroughly, especially after coughing, sneezing, or using the restroom. Instruct them to clean and disinfect their workspaces frequently.

Provide clear instructions as directed by the WHO (World Health Organization) to help your employees understand the importance of washing hands and practicing good personal hygiene to fight the pandemic.

Make sure you have sufficient supplies of disinfectants, soaps, sanitizers, and napkins to clean your business during COVID- 19.

2. Allow Work From Home

Besides your income and productivity, you should also focus on the health and well-being of your employees. Find ways to complete tasks online and allow your staff to work from home.

If it is required to meet your customers face-to-face, make sure you establish a system that enables you and your employees to maintain social distancing.

If your employees are sick, advise them to stay home and visit the hospital if required. This will minimize cross-infection.

3. Clean Regularly

As you know, a sanitized area can be infected again as soon as a sick person enters the space. Regularly cleaning your business during COVID- 19 can help you ensure that your business is safe, and your customers can visit your office without any hesitation.

Also, make sure to thoroughly clean and disinfect your store or office before opening and closing it.

Keeping your business clean in COVID- 19 will ensure the safety and health of your customers and employees. Make sure you have the right business insurance in place for added protection. For assistance with all your commercial coverage needs, contact the experts at Duane Weber Insurance, Inc. in Kent, Washington today.