5 Ways to Keep Your Personal Identity Safe

Every year, millions of Americans are victims of identity theft. Most of these cases spring from everyday actions like logging onto a free Wi-Fi network or using a credit card to make a purchase.

So, what steps can you take to protect your identity? Read on.

1. Destroy Identification Papers

Many of you often discard crucial documents by throwing them in the trash, without erasing any information that is traceable to you. From account statements to credit card slips, use a shredder to destroy all such printed documents.

2. Monitor Credit Reports

You are allowed three free credit reports a year, so make use of them if you suspect any suspicious activity with your credit card. Verify all the information, including personal details, and immediately inform a credit bureau if something is wrong.

3. Passwords Everywhere

You may have a question: How do I protect my online identity? The answer is using passwords. 25% of Americans say a password is unnecessary, but if you want to keep your identity safe, use different passwords for all your devices, accounts, and other digital assets, and regularly change them.

4. Stay Away From Suspicious Websites

An ad that is not supposed to pop up or an email that you are not expecting can often be traps set up by identity thieves. Avoid clicking on such links or downloading attachments from suspicious emails. Never give out personal information on a website if you are not sure of.

5. Limit Your Exposure

Once your personal information is online, it will be difficult to remove it. Be aware of what information you upload or share on social media and avoid sharing your address or phone number. Limit your use of credit cards and avoid making accounts on websites that don’t seem secure.

Keeping your identity safe is one way to protect yourself, but for added security, make sure you have the right insurance protection in place. Contact the experts at Duane Weber Insurance, Inc. in Kent, Washington, for all your coverage needs.