Check Out What You Need To Know Before Your Business Hires A Subcontractor

Protect your business from liability when hiring a subcontractor!

When it comes to running a small business, sometimes you can be a little short staffed. Fortunately, that’s where subcontractors come in. There’s no pressure to hire a full-time employee, and you get a helping hand. But before you bring on your next subcontractor, make sure you have your bases covered. Here’s what you should check into when looking for a subcontractor.

Professional Insurance.

It’s important to ensure that your contractor has insurance. If they get hurt on the job, professional liability insurance should help to keep themselves safe. However, if they work for a staffing agency, they may have workers’ compensation insurance. Be sure that your next contractor has the right insurance before you hire them on to your staff.

Liability Insurance.

Sometimes clients will want assurance that your workers have liability insurance so that they’re protected from any lawsuits. It’s a good idea to ensure that your subcontractor also has general liability insurance.

Certificate of Proof.

Check up on your subcontractor’s claim to have insurance by requesting to see their certificate of liability insurance. It’s a document that’s issued to contractors so that they can prove that they have the necessary coverage.

Keep Contracts.

When it comes to your agreement with your subcontractor, make sure to get it in a formal written agreement. These contracts should outline your relationship and clearly state that you’re not responsible for any liability. Just be sure to run the contract by a lawyer first.

Background Check.
Be sure to investigate your contractor’s past work. Ensure that it was done properly and that there weren’t any mistakes. If they had done a sloppy job previously, they likely will do it again. This time, however, you could be liable.

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